Fashion Crystal Mask
Fashion Crystal Mask

Fashion Crystal Mask

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The Crystal Mask is a head-turner! A classic piece you can wear day or night, which adds a dash of glamour to every outfit. 

The reusable designer fashion face mask by Moo-Moo & Ju-Ju is a wardrobe must-have.

When the clear coloured crystal-embellished mask catches the light, you see nothing but bling bling!

Vegan & Cruelty-free 

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The mask comes in one size and we have included adjustable beads for you to size your mask accordingly. Just move the bead up or down the elastic as required. 

Care Instructions:

To clean, gently wash the mask by hand in lukewarm water using a few drops mild soap with water. Pat with paper-towel to absorb excess water and then hang to dry.

The mask comes with a thin gold pouch which you can use to store it in.

*Please note*: These masks are intended for fashion purposes only and they are not certified for medical use. As the mask is breathable and lightweight, it can be worn over a protective mask.

Face masks are not returnable.




Fashion Crystal Mask
Fashion Crystal Mask
Fashion Crystal Mask